Welcome to the Photobooth page!

We offer a Photobooth as a add-on to any Wedding Package. The price of a Photobooth is only $700! This price includes all print cost, labor of a third Darrell Christie Photography employee and online hosting of all images taken put in it's very own gallery so your guest can download and view later! It makes a perfect souvenir for your guest! And, you get a great book filled with funny pictures and comments! We offer lots of props for our Photobooth! Brides & Grooms are always welcome to bring more props as well!

Next we want to get ready for the Photobooth! Some use props, some don't. It's up to each individual!

After the Photobooth takes 4 pictures, it prints 2 2x6 prints like this!

Now with 2 2x6 strips, one goes to the people using the booth and the other goes in a book for the
Bride & Groom! The people who pose in the Photobooth usually sign and make funny and awesome
comments for the Bride & Groom! If more then 2 strips are desired, our Photobooth attendee can
print in multiples of 2 so everyone can get a copy!

Reasons why our photobooth is not like our competitors:

1. Our Photobooth uses a Professional, Full-frame Canon 5D MKII DSLR W/Professional Canon 35mm 1.4 USM L Series Lens & 580EX II Flash unit.
2. We do NOT use a webcam or a point & shoot like other photobooths who charge more.
3. Our Photobooth is completely adjustable! We can adjust from 6ft to 9ft (36 sq. ft. area - 81 sq. ft. area) to accommodate large groups at a time in the booth!
4. We do NOT use a "Box type" booth. They are great for malls, not events!
5. Our Photobooth uses a dye sublimation printer! It prints and cuts within seconds so you can touch
the print right away! It's like what real photo labs use!
6. Since we do NOT use ink jet printers, there is no need to wait around waiting for the print to dry or having to
re-do the print because you accidentally got it wet and it smeared!